Easy Rider Consult

Easy Rider Consult

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Want an effective skin care regimen that is exclusively customized to your needs? Our virtual six step in-depth consultation is a highly-concentrated option if you are ready to get off the skin care merry-go-round and create a skin care regimen that takes out all of the guesswork using products that you love.

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ONE: Getting to know you!

Your session begins with a little Q&A so we can get to know you better. First, we will email you our Skin Care and Lifestyle questionnaire for you to complete and submit 24 hrs prior to appointment time. Our skin care specialist will prepare for your session by reviewing the information you have shared to maximize your time during your skin care session.

TWO: Let’s connect!

Via phone or Skype you will speak one-on-one with a skin care specialist so you can feel confident that your needs are understood. Plus, you can ask questions instantaneously to hone in on the specific information you most want and need to know.

THREE: Down to business!

Our skin care specialist will establish a baseline assessment of your current skincare conditions and routine. We will identify those products that are working well, as well as products and routines that may be unnecessary or even potentially damaging to your skin.

FOUR: Movin’ on up!

Your skin care specialist will help you level up your skin care routine. We will provide you with customized recommendations on effective skin care products and the techniques and instructions on HOW to use them. This will help you improve the overall efficacy of your skin care routine. Our goal is to educate and empower you to make decisions that are best for your individual skin care needs.

FIVE: Get the best out of your skin care!

Your skin is the LARGEST organ on our body and like every other organ it must be nourished by healthy and balanced lifestyles. Your skin care specialist will shower you with high praises for being awesome, like getting your 8’s (eight hours of sleep, and eight 8 ounce glasses of water) and, in areas where you’re not so hot, we will gently provide suggestions that may support improvement pertaining to your skin care goals.

SIX: We wont ghost you!

We’re friends, and we won’t leave you hanging! After your consult you’ll receive an email follow-up with a breakdown of your session, so you’ll have everything you need to move forward with confidence. Plus, we will schedule a short follow-up within two weeks to touch base and see how you are doing.