Our Products

There is an AMAZING world of beauty products out there! Here at SSB we are in the game of perfecting the best skin care line using ONLY natural and organic ingredients.

We pulled out our notebooks, geeked out on some science stuff, rolled up our sleeves, clogged up a blender (maybe two). The struggle was real (RIP blenders) and there were lots of rules we refused to break. We insisted on a few non-negotiables: Our skin care skin care products needed to be effective, logical, natural, organic, sustainable, five ingredients or less, preservative-free, free of fillers and stabilizers, customizable, multifunctional, complementary to other products and brands, support local and national businesses and easy customer accessibility to the same ingredients.We knew what was possible and we took a methodical and creative approach to get it, We deconstructed main stream products down to their core components and replaced questionable ingredients with natural ingredients. When we were finished we were pretty amazed with what we created.

Three products that can be tailored to create nine personalized skin care treatments that support healthy skin regardless of skin type or condition. That’s right! This line is for everyone because it is based on the premise of supporting skin health. Healthy skin loves to be cleansed, hydrated and moisturized. Nothing more. Nothing less. If you have skin, you’re in. Welcome to the neighborhood!